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Guild Wars 2 - Let's check out Cantha!

Back over the Original Guild Conflicts, players might travel to distinctive regions of the planet. That's right, Tyria only agreed to be the stepping stone into a fantastic and stunning world. The ...【Read More】 posted in Game News   22-01-2014

Hearthstone: The Only Game You'll Ever Need?

You can find only one recreation that I enjoy now, and this game is usually Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft. We play it with lunch, We play it before bed and I play it whenever I've free time. I ac...【Read More】 posted in Game News   20-01-2014

World of Warcraft: Warlords associated with Draenor Announced

A movie shown on BlizzCon 2013 uncovered new figure models along with gave us a look at Draenor, the expansion's completely new area having a seven locations. Newcomers could boost one of their cha...【Read More】 posted in World of Warcraft   17-01-2014

Former WoW Lead Systems Designer Steps To Huge range Games

It was a bit of a shock when Greg "Ghostcrawler" Road announced he / she was clinging up the coat because the lead systems designer about World of Warcraft way back in November. Right at that momen...【Read More】 posted in World of Warcraft   16-01-2014

ArcheAge Usable in English, Friends and Family Alpha dog Begins

First, Player option, Player agency - Double a let's you may well ask:"What do I need to do today?" Instead of telling you "Here's what you perform today, search down this particular line.In . The ...【Read More】 posted in Game News   15-01-2014

Diablo Three Patch Only two.0.One This Month

Blizzard community director "Lylirra" recently commented on the Diablo III official message boards in response with a question on pre-downloading the forthcoming 'Reaper of Souls' development to le...【Read More】 posted in Diablo 3   14-01-2014

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