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China Will Become Guild Wars 2’s Largest Overseas Market

Posted in  Game News   29-12-2012

    In recent years,as a salient new force in the culture industry,the online game has made ​​outstanding contributions to the entire game industry. More and more overseas game manufacturers turn their eyes to China.The majority of players are dazzled by 3A-Level online games with more exquisite pictures,more exciting PK and more rules of the game.ArenaNet,as a world-renowned game production team, will cooperate with NASDAQ: KONG(the sole agent in China) to introduce its masterpiece “Guild Wars 2” into China.At the same time, the technical mission of ArenaNet arrived in KONG’s Shanghai branch on December 8th and communicate with Chinese operation team and the players face to face in order to exploits Chinese market better.During the communication,Mike O'Brien,the president and founder of ArenaNet,said that he had full confidence in Guild Wars 2's performance in Chinese market.

    December 8th, 2012 is a day to remember.The core team of ArenaNet was invited by KONG to come to China and held a seven—day deep exchange conference.The focus of this visit was understanding the characteristics of Chinese market,customizing featured content for China as well as the progress of localization work of China server and so on.

    ArenaNet’s R & D strength is definitely the world's top level,especially fully considering the characteristics of the Chinese game market and Chinese players’ gaming habits,and after the discussion of the two sides,ArenaNet decided to send the permanent team of dozens of people to dedicate to update and maintain Chinese version.The decision also marks that the Chinese version of subsequent Guild Wars 2 can not only maintain global synchronization but also have its own exclusive contents.

    The seven-day exchange and communication not merely makes the two sides reach dozens of consensus,but more importantly planned an ambitious blueprint for the China Server of Guild Wars 2.

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