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Diablo 3 Has Plenty Of Room For Improvement And Face A Bright Prospect

Posted in  Game News   18-12-2012

    Although Blizzard has been improving Diablo 3 since the game was released,but there is still something unsatisfactory.We experienced 37 Devil at the beginning of the game's release,then as well as the bitterness of Version 1.02,the hardship of Version 1.03,the pleasure of Version 1.04 and the stimulation of Version 1.05.So what do the players still pursue after these?Perhaps, many players don't know what's in the pursuit of their own.It might be because they've got everything they wanted and lost the target that they have some doubts.

    A player made such a voice at the forum that the game lacks a lot of contents,only Farm,still Farm.He wanted to know what the attitude of those who insisted on playing the game was.In my opinion,there are a lot of advantages of Diablo 3.The most important thing is struggling and fighting together with my friends.Why do we insist on playing Diablo 3? In addition to the respect and love for the game,what else?Because we are the Diablo players.Whether Diablo 3 can really surpass the seniors or not,their status will not be shaken,just like our enthusiasm for this series.

    First of all, I'd like to say that I am definitely not trying to criticize the Blizzard.However,Diablo 3 really makes me a little disappointed,and I believe that I am not the only one who has this feeling.I want to know why you continue to play this game.I think the Characters, Skills, Equipments and the other aspects are not balanced in Diablo 3.For example,there are not so many players in the use of the shield because of its very few kinds and its poor property,not to mention the problem of very few new legendary items.

    I repeat that I'm not blaming anyone.I just really want to ask the real Diablo fans that why they are still playing Diablo 3?

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