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"Diablo 3" Is The Fifth Keyword Of Google In 2012

Posted in  Game News   17-12-2012

    Why can't Diablo 3 run?What's wrong with Diablo 3?Why can not I play Diablo 3?These problems are constantly on the players' mind when they started latest Blizzard's fantasy action game.

    "Diablo 3" is the world's fifth keyword,ranked between "iPad 3" and "Kate Middleton".

    I'm sure that people have been looking forward to Diablo 3 for a long time and now their expectation has been released,which contributes to Diablo 3's great popularity on Google.But this year, there are many other popular games released.I can't help but imagine that the reason why there is such a huge popularity of search of Diablo 3 is because lots of players are anxiously waiting for all the news as well as dynamic state about this game.

    Other keywords on the list is consistent with my impression in 2012, but this is the result of technical statistics.Whitney Houston topped the list, followed by Gangnam Style and hurricane Sandy.There is also Kate Middleton, the 2012 Olympic Games, Amanda Todd, Michael Clarke Duncan, and BBB 12 on the list.Celebrities, gadgets and YouTube videos makes up a good blog.

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