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The President Of Blizzard Officially Confirms the 2013 BlizzCon

Posted in  Game News   05-01-2013

    Mike Morhaime, the president of Blizzard,confirmed the news on his personal Twitter that Blizzard will host the 2013 BlizzCon,which brought us a big surprise on New Year's Day.

    The BlizzCon is an important activity of Blizzard.There are always some heavyweight news going to be announced at each conference,such as the announcement of the new game.In the 2011 General Assembly,Blizzard released the movie called “Black Soul Stone” and the details of Diablo 3 Collector's Edition.And at previous sessions,Diablo 3’s various roles were also released through BlizzCon,such as the Wizard announced in 2008,the Monk announced in 2009 as well as the the final role Demon Hunter announced in 2010.In 2012,the BlizzCon closed down for a year, replaced by the World Championship in Shanghai,China.But now,the confirmation of the 2013 BlizzCon let us have more to look forward to this year.

    Mike Morhaime:Happy New Year everyone!Hope to see you at the BlizzCon 2013!

    After the news was released,some players asked about the exact date of the BlizzCon,but  Mike did not give them a definite reply.

    Mike Morhaime:Sorry,haven’t announced dates yet.

    The holding time of the BlizzCon was generally from August to October in previous years.At the same time,for the heavyweight news of this conference that everyone focuses on,we might as well make a prediction together.

    In this BlizzCon,what we will most likely see should be Diablo 3 expansion pack,because the Diablo 3 PVP system will certainly launch before the BlizzCon.Do not forget that in the previous financial reports and important speeches,the president explicitly mentioned the existence of the expansion pack and the release time being anticipated.And compared to Diablo 2,launching at this time will not come as a surprise.If everything goes smoothly as expected,then we may see the name of the expansion,the new classes or the introduction of scenes,some new game systems and so on.In a word,the 2013 BlizzCon worth the wait!

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